Welcome to Historical Romance

Welcome to Historical Romance Books – a place for readers and authors to gather and share their love for stories set in centuries past.  Take a moment to visit our site and search for the best in historical romance books.  Our historical romance website is filled with genre news and interesting historical tidbits.

Historical Romance – it’s a genre that never gets old, spanning from ancient history until WWII. There are Vikings, knights, kings, queens, dukes,  duchesses, earls, lords, pirates, cowboys, and every other imaginable hero and heroine genre types that span the centuries.

Unfortunately, due to the yearly expense of $300 to host this site for author promotions and reviews, I am no longer able to maintain it. Since I don’t have the extended hosting plan, I had to remove the former author promotions and reviews.  If you wish to donate toward the reopening of extended services, please see the button below.  Thank you for your understanding.


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